CACA Board Of Directors Expectations

So, you’re considering running for a spot on the Cathedral Area Community Association board of directors? Awesome!

The CACA board provides space for people in the community to come together and generate great ideas about neighbourhood projects. The CACA supports programs and activities all Cathedral residents can enjoy and it gives voice to issues important to everyone in the area.

If you are itching to provide creative direction for the community, the CACA board is a great spot! 

And you’ll find that after being on the CACA board for a little while, you are much more aware of all the goings-on in the community — and if there is something great that isn’t happening, you may very well be among the people to make it happen!

The key expectation for all CACA board members is pretty simple: show up! Board meetings are held once a month (except in July). Typically, meetings have been held on Tuesday’s but each board is free to move the meeting time to fit the availability of members.

We ask that board members not miss more than two meetings a year.

It is also hoped that CACA board members will pitch in and volunteer with the activities and events the CACA puts on throughout the year when possible. This includes things like public forums, community meetings, fundraisers and the week-long Cathedral Village Arts Festival. Volunteering at CACA events is not mandatory for CACA board members but the help is very much appreciated.

Beyond that, board members must be 18 years old or older and must either live in the Cathedral neighbourhood or operate a business in the Cathedral neighbourhood.

For more details on the CACA and the board of directors, you can read the association’s bylaws here.

The next step to becoming a board member is to sign up to attend the online 2020 CACA Annual General Meeting and stand for election. You register to attend here.

See you there (virtually)!