Community Climate Conversation In Cathedral – Dec 9

On Dec 9 at the Cathedral Neighbourhood Centre, SaskOutdoors and Cathedral Area Communicaty Association are pleased to join together to begin the conversations in Regina to promote education, and community engagement in the Cathedral neighbourhood and beyond. We are inspired by other cities across Canada and in our province that have action plans on climate change.

We feel that the timing is right to have serious conversations about climate change. At the beginning of October, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned us that action must take place immediately to halt the negative impacts of climate change. They warn that we have only 12 years to do this or risk losing up to 50% of all species and see detrimental effects to human health.

On October 29 of this year, we were pleased to hear that Regina City Councillors passed a motion to be 100% renewable by 2050. Ward 3 City Councillor, Andrew Stevens said, “People at all levels of government should be taking climate change seriously. And this means the municipal leadership when it comes to building alternatives.ā€ Cathedral Area is a key neighbourhood to begin this leadership since it holds much expertise in the area of renewable energy action and climate change.

Local speakers (Jared Clarke, Tria Donaldson, and Kris Dueck) will each give a -10 minute presentation followed by small group facilitated discussion.

Snacks provided.

Beverages available for purchase.

Children welcome in the event or childcare will be provided in an adjacent room.