Volunteer Awards


Info and Criteria (please read first)

In 2016, the Cathedral Area Community Association (CACA) is introducing two new community leadership awards to recognize and honour Cathedral Area community leaders. The awards ceremony – known as the CALA GALA – is part of an annual fundraising effort to support the operations and programs of the CACA.

Two Cathedral Area Leadership Awards will be awarded on an annual basis:

Volunteer of the Year Award: This award acknowledges and celebrates exemplary volunteer leadership of at least one year in the Cathedral Area community. Examples include: involvement with community endeavours (i.e., arts, culture and recreation), service clubs, community improvement programs, youth programs, or the community association.

Lifetime Community Leader Award: This award acknowledges an individual who has made an outstanding, long-term contribution of at least five years to Cathedral Area through their extraordinary commitment and efforts as a volunteer in any or all of the following fields: arts & culture, recreation, athletics, social & community services, and/or governance. This individual demonstrates a passion for helping others to become resilient, contributing members of the community and enhances the quality of life of Cathedral Area residents by influencing enhancements to policy, and/or by mobilizing a significant collaborative effort among various groups in the community.

Eligibility: While all residents of the City of Regina are eligible, recipients must have a demonstrated and lasting connection to the Cathedral Area.

Criteria: All nominees will have demonstrated several of the following examples of exceptional leadership:

  • Motivates and inspires the people around them;
  • Demonstrates a high level commitment to the Cathedral Area community; and,
  • Sets a high standard of personal integrity and community spirit.

Selection: Anyone may submit a nomination with the candidate’s permission (self-nominations are accepted). Nominations must clearly document why the candidate should be considered, above all others, for the award. All nominations must contain sufficient information to inform the selection process without additional research. Only one recipient is selected for each award. Where a nominee is nominated for more than one award, they may only receive one award in the given year.

The Awards Selection Committee consists of:

  • President of the Cathedral Area Community Association
  • Designated staff member of the Cathedral Area Community Association, determined annually by the Board
  • Former Cathedral Area Leadership Award Recipient from either category, determined annually by the Board (for 2016, this responsibility will fall to the Vice-President of the Cathedral Area Community Association)

A nomination form must be completed and submitted to the Cathedral Area Community Association by Saturday, October 8, 2016. Email to: caca@sasktel.net

The Awards Selection Committee will inform all nominees of their nomination and invite them to the Awards Ceremony. Two free tickets will be provided to each nominee. The Awards ceremony will be held on Friday, November 4, 2016 at the Cathedral Village Community Association, where the winners will be announced.