CACA 2019 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes of the 2019 CACA AGM. In includes a presentation by Russell Eirich, the city’s forestry manager, about Cathedral’s trees; consideration of changes to the association bylaws; election of new board members; and, a city hall update from Ward 3 Councillor Andrew Stevens.

Board Members attending: Theresa, Brad, Nick, Heather, Cheryl, Alicia, Adam, Brian, Krista, Kate
Staff attending: Deb, Paul, Linda

1. Call to Order 7:37pm by Brad

2. Agenda
Motion to adopt the agenda by Alicia, seconded by Cam Fraser.
Motion carried.

3. Minutes of the March 20, 2018 meeting
Motion to accept minutes by Nick, seconded by Krista.
Motion carried.

4. Business Arising — none.

5. Community Presentation — Russell Eirich, City of Regina, Manager – Forestry, Pest Control & Horticulture

– trees have been my life
– tree story:
– one of the trees in Vic Park, north side, did a core sample, counted the rings
– tree dates to 1900 as a seed
– planted in park in 1908
– tree survived tornado because it was small so it lay over and wasn’t destroyed
– stats on Cathedral trees
– Cathedral counted as Sask Drive to College, Albert to Elphinstone (so: no Crescents, no west of Pasqua)
– 2,200 trees, 200 vacancies — that’s 200 street tree vacancies
– carrying capacity is 91% here
– professionally when look at tree density, good forested area is 80%
– so Cathedral is slightly above what we’re after
– OCP has 1 tree per residence
– across city we have 91-95% coverage
– value of trees as forest is $3.3mil
– avg tree is worth $17k
– most expensive tree — 6 of biggest trees in city are worth $70-$75k apiece
– those 6 trees 3 are on Robinson, 1 is on Victora, 1 on Athol, 1 on Normanview
– in cathedral — professionally we shoot for diversity but 80 yrs ago they went with single species
– city’s goal is 25% of one genus
– here it’s American Elms at 80%, next is Green Ash 11% and Maples at 4.5%
– smattering of other stuff — this is just city tree inventory — parks & street, not private yards
– for Elms, Dutch Elm Disease is the worst threat but as a city we’re managing it fairly well
– a good Dutch Elm program has less than 6% loss
– we lost 5 trees out of 77k trees in city [so: 0.006% — I missed time period]
– elms are oldest trees
– elms in Saskatchewan have lived to 400 years old (that tree was in Etevan, died b/c of Dutch Elm Disease)
– as a general statement, trees don’t die of old age, they die of stresses put on them
– winter is a stress, drought is stress
– underground water lines, when dealing with them, that puts stress on tree roots
– this is more of a concern in this part of town [Cathedral]
– Emerald Ash Borer is in Winnipeg, attacks Ash tree, and decimates everything — big danger
– areas just off Parliament are mostly Ash — Ash Borer is not here yet, but it is coming
– Ottawa lost a million trees in 5 years to the Ash Borer — that’s the kind of devastation it causes

Q (Cheryl): How long do Cathedral trees live?
A: Another 30-50 years, some [MISSED WORD] shorten lifespan but very protective here and have good maintenance plan. Conservatively, they can do very well.

Q (Alicia): What can we do to help trees?
A: Water. Pitch fork the soil and get water down there. Deep water them.

Q (Andrew Stevens): When trees die, the goal is diversity. What replace them with?
A: A lot of tree species. We stopped planing American Elms. Focus is on Green Elm. We’re doing a lot of Larch, a lot of other species. At end of each year, we measure our diversity.
– Recently, our numbers have shot back up on Elm. It has high tolerance here.

Q: How much water need?
A: 2 to 3 hours around drip line of tree — edge of canopy — 2 to 3 hours, once a month

Q (Brad): For houses that are vacant, do we talk to city about planting?
A: We have a small replacement tree program — call in at 777-7000 and we can set that up.
– We take all orders through the year then do a tender for trees in February then do a spring planting.

Q (Cheryl): If life span is 30 to 50 years from now, when should we think about putting in new trees?
A: Activiely flip trees?

Q: Is that a thing?
A: I wouldn’t. I’d hold on to a tree to the bitter end. They’re more valuable the bigger they are. At this size, trees interrupt storm water, help with heating and cooling. In 2013, found that, on heating, you save about $140 in heating on house of 1950s era. Here it helps even more. Large urban forest helps. If tree is in severe decline, then start to think replacement. But if the tree looks healthy, I’d keep it up. When I look at a tree, I look at 40 to 50% dead wood range, then we’ll clean that dead wood up and have a look at the overall health.

Q (Kate): Will they die in a 20 year span?
A: I expect to see them in decline in 30 years. There’s an acceleration curve, but it’s at least a generation or two away so jumping the gun to talk about replacing. And an elm can last 400 years if you take care of them. These are the biggest trees in our inventory

Q (Kate, asking about infill): There’s several houses in a row with no trees b/c brought down when new houses put in. Is there any way to prevent that?
A: I will not deny, that’s something we struggle with internally. We’re always under pressure to help developers and we try to push back. Some cases we can’t. Some times, it’s the utility underground. We really twist over that. We struggle with that. Some days, we get it right and some days we kick ourselves. It’s that trying to fill-in the in-fill, there’s the damage to roots, we try to get them to protect the trees, but then there’s the underground utilities. Historically, they didn’t know the roots would grow to that depth. If a city owned tree has to come down, there’s an application that has to be made and we assess on an individual basis. Council charged us to save as many trees as possible. We have pushed back. But a lot of times it has to do with service connection underground.

Brad calls time on the community presentation.

6. Treasurer’s Report — Adam
– Audited financials on pg 27 of Annual General Report
– look at statement of financial position — financials separated into CACA & CVAF for transparency
– Festival is about 60% of revenue & expenditures
– under net assets, we had increase in our accumulated surpluses, healthy position to be in
– $134k in accumulated surplus
– for an association w/ a budget of 240k / year, this is healthy
– run some risk in our dependency on grants, hasn’t changed year to year and auditor has flagged this
– if those risks don’t come through, we’re in a healthy position. If don’t get grant for one year, we can dip into reserves
– last year, we added about $16.6k to accumulated surpluses — revenues exceeding expenditures, we’re in the black
– on dependency on grants — opportunities to look at how become less dependent with risk they might not come through
– but limited opportunities: fundraising, Arts Fest, programming — we want to make sure our programming are set at affordable rates but want to be in good fiscal shape

Q: are there long term ideas about what to do w/ cash assets?
A: we are discussing projects:
– at one of last board meetings, made motion to donate to City of regina to erect extra park infrastructure at Les Sherman — bench, shade feature, tree — these will cost $15k
– there is interest in and benefit from establishing a reserve ratio for board

Motion to adopt audited financial statements by Andrew Stevens, Seconded Donna Nelson
Motion carries.

– have to choose auditor for 2019 — traditionally go with Marcia Herback & Associates

Motion by Krista to retain auditor. Theresa seconds.
Motion carries.

7. Bylaw Amendments — Adam
– haven’t done amendments since 2012 — reviewed bylaws to see if current to what the board is doing
– first change is on page 20 — sec 7.04 ‚— election of directors —
– remove reference to nomination committee & update process to reflect what’s done
– bylaws said couldn’t take nominations at AGM but have been doing that for years
– 7.07 — simplify rules around attendance policy
– pg 22, added clarity about rules to oversee committees
– pg 23, 9.02 9.03 9.04 amended to clarify requirement for 2 officer signatures for authourizing cheques and other docs
– 9.04 adds clarity for duties of treasurer
– pg 24, proposed to add new officer, the secretary
– 9.06, provides clarity on the amount of an expenditure that requires 2 signatures
– 9.07, changes requirement of office coordinator to attend meetings: made it optional
– limited executive committee to president, vice president, treasurer; excludes communications & office administrator
– pg 25, provided clarity and flexibility in appointing chair or co-chair — formalize links to CVAF
– section13 on pg 26, removed requirement to hold 5 public meetings a year, made it optional and removed number because not currently practicing that

Q (Cam Fraser): Public meetings… does that mean CACA board meetings are open or closed unless otherwise told?
A (Adam): I don’t think we’ve ever exclude anyone, never had anyone attend. Had guests before. School trustee Adam Hicks came a few times.
A (Brad): Not that board meetings are closed. Whenever there are closed discussions those are in camera. Generally, they’re open to public, but if planning to attend, let us know. It’ a really small space we meet in.
A (Cheryl): If want to talk to association about a concern, let us know, we’ll put it on agenda. That happens — let us know to set time aside for you.

Q (Cam): Are dates of board meetings advertised in Village Voice?
A (Adam): Currently, they are not. But no objection to doing that. [Village Voice editor says it’s a great idea]
A (Wendy): The public meetings referred to in bylaws were specific meetings held on specific topics. They were held 5 times a year — so, for example, like having a meeting on trees. Those public meetings in the bylaws weren’t your board meetings. They were open public meetings hosted by the community association.
A (Brad): Not that the CACA hasn’t been doing that. There’ve been meetings to fit that. But in terms of practice it wasn’t really the practice. If people have interest in a topic, the board is more than willing to host certain topics. If you have ideas, or know people with them, please let us know.
A (Adam): Our committees, we can improve on how we communicate about our committees. Always looking for more people to participate in our affairs.

Q: If someone is officially coming to a meeting, will it be known publicly?
A (Adam): Not current practice, but that would be ideal.
A (Cheryl): When someone wants to let the public know something — like with the YWCA — that was a public meeting we hosted.

Q (Kate): The Public School Board posts their agenda the week before meeting.
A (Adam): There are always improvements to be made in how we communicate with the public.

Q (Kate): If people came to a couple meetings, they might want to get involved.

Motion to adopt bylaw amendments by Kate. Seconded by Donna Nelson.
Motion carries

8. Board Reports

8a. President’s Report — Brad
– big shout out to staff who’ve done great work over last year
– if people have ideas for events or things want to see, staff are great resource
– board has put in a lot of work with activities & committees, governance
– Ada did great work on bylaws and policies
– engagement that board has done
– community members and volunteers — humbling to be part of such great community
– differences of opinions but interested in making best community for everyone

8b. Recreation Report — Linda
– lists off programs that we’re offering

8c. Cathedral Village Arts Festival Report — Barbara Tomporowski
– *reveals poster*
– working on CVAF program guide — deadline tonight!
– this year’s Festival is our 28th anniversary
– this is a week long festival of the arts
– all free events
– over 40k people a year come — attract people from all over western Canada & northern USA
– theme this year is share your light
– one of things focus on in recent years inclusion and diversity
– call for volunteers
– need 250 volunteers to run the festival
– over 90 artists apply for music events every year
– this year, we had our first major survey
– information from survey will be used to review our 3-year strategic plan
– looking at sustainability, diversifying revenue streams
– done a lot of work on working with volunteers — made training videos last year, this year will have 2 nights of volunteer orientation
– developed disaster plan last year

8d. Microgrant — Cheryl
– we do have microgrants available
– on our website? [coming soon]
– if you have interest in having a community event where everyone is invited or something that benefits whole neighbourhood, these microgrants are something you can apply for — up to $2k
– application on website [coming soon]
– criteria and guidelines — it will be posted
– make note in Village Voice about microgrants

8e. Fundraising Committee — Alicia
– we are trying to be less reliant on grant money so set up fundraising committee
– we’re putting up $15k for Les Sherman Park
– shade structure for $10k, picnic table for $4k, remaining $ for tree
– we want to raise portion of money contributed to Les Sherman back into our reserve so we can put money into other good projects
– looking for volunteers for committee

9. Nominations for Board Positions — Cheryl
– meetings every 4th Tuesday of the month
– except July and sometimes also don’t have a meeting in December
– expectation is to attend all meetings
– encouraged to volunteer for association activites
– CACA has a broad mandate and there are lots of oppportunities to get involved — can be as active on the board as you’re able — lots to do
– in board code of conduct, outline what the expectations are — board members must attend at least 6 meetings through the year
– if board member misses 3 in a row w/out giving regrets, may be asked to resign from board
– looking to recruit board members with book keeping skills, someone interested in being a secretary
– we will organize childcare at meetings if that will allow you to attend board meetings.
– you can nominate yourself or someone else
– will do introductions

CACA Board Nominations

Alicia nominates SARAH WALL COUGHLAN, she accepts
Brad nominates TRISH ELLIOTT, she accepts
Brian nominates ALICIA, she accepts
Cheryl nominates KAREN MCIVER, she accepts
Krista nominates BRAD OLSEN, he accepts
Deb nominates BRIAN FAGAN, he declines
Krista nominates KATE, Kate declines
Linda nominates DONNA NELSON, she accepts

Motion to cease nominations by Andrew Stevens. Seconded by Brian
Motion carries.
[there were 6 board positions open, 6 people were nominated so no need for election]

Central Zone Board Nominations
Cheryl nominates THERESA, she accepts
Linda nominates CHERYL, she accepts

Motion to close central zone board nominations by Brad. Heather seconds.
Motion carries.
[there were 2 central zone board positions open, 2 people were nominated so no need for election]

10. Ward 3 Councillor Presentation — Andrew Stevens

– on council things have been eerily quiet for the last month or so
– over last year a lot has gone on
– January meeting around YWCA, ride sharing
– encourage residents to pay attention to Lucy Eley park w/ regard to YWCA development
– YWCA is asking for input on what their new facility will look like and how it will fulfill expectations
– never seen development as eager as the YWCA about what their project will look like
– downtown — pavilion going up — me & Coun Bresciani want to see a washroom facility go up
– we’re going to see, the spine of a bike lane infrastructure project unfold over course of summer
– i’m impressed by tentative plans I’ve seen — I think this is an important development
– hopefully be completed by end of summer, but depends on people opposing it.
– keep eye on how unfolding — if you support what’s done, tell me & tell community
– bike pat Lewvan to Arcola
– at Public Works Committee, see next step around discussion of lowering school zone speed limit to 30km
– hope completed by September, see some changes come into effect
– saw conversation earlier about trees — developments in Wascana park, Brandt Developments is being investigated by auditor ‚ hope it’s a meaningful investigation
– if you are concerned about trees & public space, tell the city, tell Provincial Capital Commission, that we need more parks than parking lots in Wascana Park
– if followed 2019 budget, community associations came forward for increase to community association budgets but our friends in the suburbs came forward and said, “Why do we need more money?” Colleagues on council saw this as reason to torpedo increase in grants for community association.
– hope will be able to make strong case for increase in grants
– sadly the meeting we scheduled lately have fallen through — hope can make change going in to 2020
– making push for improvements to Sunday & evening transit, paratransit included
– ironic more critical assessment to money for transit than for money to Grey Cup
– if you have thoughts about transit, I need to hear about it and other councillors do too
– final comment – recent introduction of rules for not-for-profit and community-based tax exemptions & mitigation
– affects community gardens — if experiencing problems getting this off the ground
– problems brought to my attention — city says will not impose on community gardens the same auditing rigour as on Mackenzie Gallery

Q: As far as YWCA project, hear they’ll be looking for community engagement. Is there a forum? A newsletter?
A: They have a green light to use city’s contribution as part of application to the federal govt for 3rd party funding. Eveyrthing conditional on getting money. If get money, then plans need to be made, there will be zoning questions — there is a whole set of procedures to go through with the public.
– Y’s gone above and beyond, asking for your comment
– there will be a public consultation process, by law
– i cant guarantee an outcome or process
– they have to get the money & come to city to show their idea

Q: Do you know is there any timeline?
A: If they have no money, there’s no project.

Q: If no money, they don’t get the land?
A: There’s a caveat. Land goes back to status quo. What I think should happen is have same kind of consultation in Regent Park, with multiple options proposed. Kinda what should have happened in the first place. This is a bit different. If all of a sudden, if that falls through for financial reasons, will have discussion about what do with space.

Q: Still no land transfer? Is the city looking after that land?
A: I’d have to look into that. I don’t think title has changed. My assumption is the city would be looking after the land. I don’t think there’s been a technical land transfer.

Q (Adam): Conditions on time line YWCA has to make next steps?
A: I don’t have a timeline in my mind. I’d have to go to the report. Report we saw was in Council agenda from January.

Q: We’ve had our street paved — Rae Street. Retallack was paved. Angus wasn’t. On both roads, same water mains have broken. Same two water mains every year. But they just resurfaced.
A: Not only time I’ve heard that. The underground infrastructure is in a catastrophic state. Would have to look at service report. I don’t know details.