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The Village Voice community newspaper is delivered directly to 3,655 households six times a year, reaching more than 7,000 residents in Regina’s Cathedral Area. An additional 1,400 copies are placed in public gathering areas in this very active community, including the library branch, community centre, coffee shops, bars and bistros.

Submit a Story. We welcome stories and photos from Cathedral Village residents, such as interviews, news reports, poems , local music reviews, artist profiles, coming events and advice columns. The CACA reserves the right to accept or reject and edit all submissions. There is no payment beyond the pleasure of communicating with your neighbours and seeing your byline in the Village Voice.


Advertise. Readers eagerly anticipate each issue of the Village Voice. It’s how they keep informed of some of the city’s most high profile events, such as the Cathedral Village Arts Festival as well as the many gallery openings, public talks, school activities and literary events that occur every week in our neighbourhood. Whether you are big or small, we offer highly affordable rates.

Please contact:

Neil Adams, Editor

We are always looking for volunteers to deliver the newsletter in a one or two block radius. Or more if you are willing! This would require about a half an hour of time per block, six times a year. You would be helping out in your community AND getting exercise! Please call Linda at 306-569-8755 for details.


The Pitch List – July/August 2017

Here’s where we keep all the interesting topics we would like to see someone write about. See something you like? Email us at to claim it and talk to our editor about it.

  • Does your neighbour have a beautiful garden? Nominate them for a CACA garden award! We’ll pick one nominee each (summer) issue and go out and talk to them and take pictures of their lovely garden. Show your neighbor how much you appreciate they work they do to beautify our neighbourhood.
  • ART! We got a new mural on the side of Brandees during the festival, Why is public art important? Who benefits from it and how?
  • After 3 years abroad, Ecole Connaught is coming back to Cathedral this fall. From the outside it looks to be a pretty modern design, But whats going on inside? Can we get in and snoop around? Talk to the principal, teachers, parents or students and see what you can learn about the space. What does a school gym look like in 2017? How is it different from when we grew up? We’re also looking into a story about Wise Owl Daycare to run along side this. Wise Owl has been a part of Connaught for 40 years, whats changed for them?